Sam Frick, PGA & TPI

Assistant Golf Professional

Phone: (218) 536-1782

Rate: $90 for 45 minutes, which includes:
TPI Screening, V1 Video Swing Analysis, Personalized Practice Plan

Sam Frick is a PGA Member and a Level 1 Titleist Perfomance Institute instructor. Having given more than 500 individual and group lessons, Sam brings an incredible passion for teaching and learning to the lesson tee. Every lesson or clinic program has three main goals: to align the student closer to their body's most efficient swing; to gain a deeper understanding of why the ball goes where it does; and to make golf more fun through improvement and learning. In simpler terms: hit it better, learn something, and have fun! All private instruction utilizes V1 video swing analysis so that students can see what they're doing. All swing adjustments are made based on the student's ball flight goals. Sam in NOT a method teacher. He believes totally in TPI's mantra that "there is not one way to swing a club, rather an infinite number of ways to swing a club. But, there is one efficient way for every player to swing, and it's based on what they can physically do."


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